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The primary purpose of our Religious Education Program is faith formation. Faith formation is an ongoing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, Discipleship. To use the image of St. Paul “we put on Christ” so that Christ is the center of our lives. All Catholics are on the journey of faith formation. We begin this life-long journey in the waters of Baptism. The end of this journey is eternal life with Jesus in heaven. Our CCD Program is a School of Discipleship. Our Religious Education Program strives to provide a solid foundation in our faith, age-appropriate to the students in our program. Students are encouraged to begin formal religion classes in the FIRST GRADE of Public or Private (non-Catholic) Schools.

Students who do not attend a Catholic School/Academy are enrolled in our Religious Education Program (CCD) which meets once a week for 90 minutes a session – as outlined in this calendar. This year we have scheduled 32 weeks. The outline of our courses as offered this year:

Faith formation does not end with Confirmation. All Catholics are invited to grow in our faith. For this purpose, the parish offers Days of Recollection, Missions, Scripture Sharing, Prayer Groups. Please consult the Bulletin for more information. The second purpose of our Religious Education Program is sacramental preparation. The celebration of the sacraments will take place within a parish celebration. It is the desire of the Archdiocese that children receive the Sacraments in their Home Parish. For children who attend Public Schools.


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Children 7 years of age and younger are considered infants. Please consult the information on Infant Baptism. Children who are eight years of age and older must attend CCD for one year before we will consider Baptism.

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Students must attend CCD classes for TWO YEARS in order to receive FIRST HOLY COMMUNION. Older children will be placed in an age-appropriate class; but still must attend TWO YEARS before First Holy Communion.

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Students are instructed in the Sacrament of Penance before First Holy Communion; and are given the opportunity to go to First Confession several months BEFORE FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.

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According to Archdiocesan norms, students must be in the TENTH GRADE or older to be considered for the sacrament of Confirmation. The students must also possess knowledge of the faith. Therefore, the following levels (grades or courses) must be completed BEFORE a student will be permitted to prepare for Confirmation; Commandments, Sacraments, Bible, Christian, Witness